Beyond Melrose

“I’m crazy about daisies,” Blakely remarked.  “They are just so lively that I can picture them blowing against the wind in all their flowery glory, hoping to catch the eye of a simple admirer to bring joy to the eyes of whoever’s vision it chooses to land in.”

Todd nodded in agreement, not sure of how to respond to this statement.  “Errr… yeah.  The daisies look nice.” She continued to walk briskly towards the trees, staring dreamily at the clear blue sky.  “I’m sick of it, Todd,” she sighed dramatically.  “Sometimes I wish these expectations would just melt away, but then I know I would miss my place too much.  I have a soft spot for being needed.”  She found a soft bed of earth to lay on and patted the spot next to her.  He graciously took his spot.  They pondered in silence for a while, partly to Todd’s lack of knowing what to say to her.  He was nervous and she could sense this, but she did not mind.  She found his nervous demeanor endearing.  He was awkward in the sincerest form, not knowing what to say because he only wanted to speak truthful things instead of resigning to the usual topics of young men.  He was aware of this fact and was awkward to a fault of being embarrassed by it.  Not, however, enough to change it.

“I know I’ve told you these problems before, and you’re probably tired of it,” Blakely filled in.  “We could walk back–”

“I don’t mind!” Todd blurted out.  “Lets stay if you want.”  She stared at him, amused by his sudden outburst.  “I don’t mind listening to your problems.  It makes me feel better knowing that someone took the time to listen to you.  I think it’s admirable that you like taking care of everyone,” he added quickly.  She blinked.  Todd was such an earnest person, almost to a fault.  She found him refreshing from the usual boys she had at her house parties. It was the sole reason she remained friends with him throughout the years, despite being in different social circles.

“Thank you,” she replied.  “I appreciate the thought, but let’s go back to the church before people start missing us too much.”  Todd nodded reluctantly.  “Yeah, let’s not keep them waiting.”  They both stood up started back to the church, leaving the rustling trees and daisies behind.

This is the beginning of a potential story I’m thinking of starting. It is still a work in progress.  Feel free to comment thoughts about it.  


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