Mixers (pt. 1)

Todd walked up the familiar steps to the apartment.  Here he was, Apt. 401A, across the hall from the laundromat.  Not that he ever had to remember. Music was always creeping under the creak of the door.

“’Sup Trevor,” greeted Todd as he walked in his room.  The door was always unlocked when Trevor was mixing.  He could never hear anyone knock.  Trevor ignored him and continued to bang his head to the music.  Nice, Todd thought, a Daft Punk mix.

Feel the music in your bones, flowing through your veins, casting out from what is around you.

“Pretty sweet band,” Todd said to himself.  He squeezed his fist in his pocket.  He found some coins, a snack sized pack of Trolli-Brite gummy worms, and a party invite.  Jessica’s party was tonight, and that’s why he was here.  She asked TnT to play house music for her party.  Even though they weren’t the best in Melrose, their taste in music was deemed “interesting” by their fellow classmates.  The cool thing about being expressive was that there were no rules people forced you to abide by.  Todd and Trevor created the name TnT not because it included their initials, but because they thought it was a clever way to have a band name as a face.  They were 14 at the time.  The name had stuck since.

Todd sat on a wooden stool next to a tall lamp and popped out his gummy worms.  Trevor had a cool room to make up for his own bleakness.  There was a whole wall of fish tanks lined up on wooden shelves of all different colors. The fish were injected with glow-in-the-dark shots so that they would light up in the dark.  Todd thought it was messed up to give a shot to a fish when he couldn’t stand shots himself.  Still, fish lights with pumping music was pretty awesome.  Todd popped a red/blue gummy worm in his mouth.  He thought about what would happen to the fish if they ate a gummy worm.  He considered placing a yellow/red worm in a tank (because nobody likes those ones), but decided against it.  It would be pretty sad to kill a fish that way, he thought.

Trevor held out his left hand in Todd’s direction, with his other hand still on the keyboard.  Todd tossed him a red/blue gummy worm.  Trevor had always been impersonal. It was like words were too cool for him.  Considering he kept it up his whole life, it worked for him.  He made up for it by mixing music for people who had the nerve to talk to him.  Trevor chewed on the candy, gave a satisfactory nod, and finally lowered the music.

“We should head out soon,” said Todd, “Jessica’s going to have a meltdown if she thinks we’re not showing up..”

His friend sighed and went to the kitchen for a Pepsi.

“But I mean, I guess it wouldn’t matter if we were late,” Todd compensated, “the party doesn’t start without us right?”

Trevor gulped the last drop of his Pepsi and eyed him nonchalantly.  “Don’t tell me what to do,” he replied.

He began to pack their equipment.  “Quit eating your worms, we’re going to be late.”

Todd ate the last worm and sucked the sugar off his fingers.  “Whatever you say boss,” he grinned.


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