Lose Your Life and Find It

I dreamed of being buried underground. I was aware of my fate, confident in what had to be done. Everyone tried to talk me out of it. My teachers, my family, influential adults in my life. I told them I knew what needed to be done. “You’re going to die, don’t you know?” they all asked. I nodded because I knew. I walked to a woman who injected a heart slowing serum in my arm and I could feel my heart slowing. “This is it,” she led me to my grave, “this spot’s just for you.” Before being buried under to meet my fate, my love said he’d stay with me every step of the way. He was different from everyone else. He knew that I would be safe too. The dirt fell above me and he’d speak to me like he always had. I knew I would be alright, that I wasn’t going to die.


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