My Testimony

I’ll place my hope in you, for you know what is best for me before I do. You see me as I am, my redeeming qualities and my faults. Clearly, I am imperfect yet you love me despite. 

We are not meant to be turned away, believing we are doomed. There is only one thing that is true in this world and it is the love of Christ. Love prevails through fights, heartbreak, sickness, betrayal, and even death. Stop and take heed of my words: Love conquers all of that. It is the truth and everything loses in comparison. What proof do I have of this? I, once shadowed by depression found no solace in what was promised to bring happiness. I fooled with men, cursed those who hurt me, and sought my own justice to make right only to discover the pleasure morph into self disgust. “You just can’t keep up with this fast life. You’re weak and you will always be weak,” you might say. When will you see that you are weak too? You consume the false pretense that you have to prove something to yourself to be satisfied. How awful! You cannot live your life believing you are your own. We are sinful creatures that cannot be relied on for peace. Can you see the truth about yourself? Believe and you will see. We are imperfect and this is only made right by the only real perfect love there is. I was never mine and following the truth instead of my own beliefs has healed me. It is not too late for you.



I am not very bright,

I do not synthesize facts very well.

I know how to say things with emotion,

things that are poetic.

What use is that for you?

I am no leader, no entrepreneur,

I am not the first to volunteer,

I am not one with mass strength,

or great agility to defend myself against an attack.

But I am someone who can say things about you,

How you are a wonderful God.

One who I can honor with what I have.

I have a voice and a string of words to offer you,

and you say that’s more than enough for the king.

You love the expressions which causes other people to

smile, weep, rejoice, and change.

We are each enough for our savior,

used in ways greater than we imagine.

All it takes is faith in him.


I like how this room looks lived in,

with interest pieces and trinkets,

filled with his personality.

An Xbox 1, the Lord of the Rings series, polaroids with friends,

and orange Christmas lights lining the ceiling.

There are clothes on the floor,

the trash can is overflowing with papers,

and there is no room on the chairs to sit.

It is messy and full of love,

like he is.


It was sunshine and blue outside.

“I’ve always wanted this,” he told me,

“To walk with my girlfriend to church.”

He gave me my first bible,

For Elaine on Your 20th birthday

and a journal for my thoughts,

inscribed with the message

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.

But the greatest of these is love.

I didn’t know it would change my life,

My world never being the same again.


To me, he leads,

I am faithful to his word.

I make a mess of things,

and he cleans up the dirt.

These butterflies are real,

I marvel at everything.

The sky, the trees, the clouds, the flowers,

my soup, my tea, the smell of brownies.

He tickles my conscious,

with little amusements.

He is gentle in correction,

when I am a stubborn mule.

I will gladly take on the beating of the day,

for he rewards those who continue to praise him.

I sing songs of joy,

for the earth is ours for the taking!

I will spread glory to his name,

for his love is unconditional.