How precious am I to you O Lord,

You are the master of knowing the desires of my heart,

You listen and you give to those who are good,

How could I have never known you before?

You are everything we need in this life,

The answer to all things.


My Testimony

I’ll place my hope in you, for you know what is best for me before I do. You see me as I am, my redeeming qualities and my faults. Clearly, I am imperfect yet you love me despite. 

We are not meant to be turned away, believing we are doomed. There is only one thing that is true in this world and it is the love of Christ. Love prevails through fights, heartbreak, sickness, betrayal, and even death. Stop and take heed of my words: Love conquers all of that. It is the truth and everything loses in comparison. What proof do I have of this? I, once shadowed by depression found no solace in what was promised to bring happiness. I fooled with men, cursed those who hurt me, and sought my own justice to make right only to discover the pleasure morph into self disgust. “You just can’t keep up with this fast life. You’re weak and you will always be weak,” you might say. When will you see that you are weak too? You consume the false pretense that you have to prove something to yourself to be satisfied. How awful! You cannot live your life believing you are your own. We are sinful creatures that cannot be relied on for peace. Can you see the truth about yourself? Believe and you will see. We are imperfect and this is only made right by the only real perfect love there is. I was never mine and following the truth instead of my own beliefs has healed me. It is not too late for you.


Light spills through jalousies,

warming floorboards with one sweeping wave,

dresser, vanity, tea set, finally bed,

touching her cheeks flushed from first heat.

She tousles brown locks over her face,

huffs, “See me tomorrow!”

tucks her head into the peach blanket ruffles,

breathing in the detergent of the fresh fabric.

Brazen is the sun, determined,

which sweeps through cotton sheets,

prodding her to see the day,

birds singing in the windowpane.

She flounces her blankets off,

betrayed by heat of summer morning,

sprawls her arms to cast out tensions,

sleep energy transferring out her body.


The door creaks revealing an angel-haired maiden,

sweet as lilies that float away in the creek,

she whispers, “It’s time,”

then tends to the eggs and cinnamon bread.

Thus, she scurries to the closet for a fresh pick,

observing fabrics, cuts, and colors choicely,

an array of careful consideration,

while changing out of her pajamas.

She turns toward the vanity,

pinches the soft of her belly fat,

winces, eyebrows furrowed,

grimacing toward the reflection.

She focuses back to the array of patterns,

pulls a plain navy suit with gold finishings,

holds both pieces to her frame,

fidgets, poses, unsure.


She tips on her toes,

tilts her head to the side,

puffs out her chest for expression,

then reverts.

She studies the smooth and rough surfaces of her face,

tousles her hair in careful, cascading waves,

puckers her lips for rouge,

closes the clasps of her peep toed pumps.

She makes her way out,

pauses, hand on the door,

rushes back, once more,

searching for imperfections.

She flattens her face on the cool mirror,

leaving a nose imprint,

pulls back, revealing a dimpled smile,

then she whisks away without a second glance.




Stop putting so much emphasis on looks,

it isn’t all that.

What’s going on in your head?

I bet you know something.

Look past the designer shades, plastered makeup face,

salon manicured nails, towering heels,

logo inscribed handbag, extra polished clothing.

Appearance isn’t a skill.

If you insist on the importance of appearance,

perhaps your heart is in design?

Everyone’s good for something,

don’t let them convince you otherwise.

There are lots of wonderful things to do,

don’t waste your time on insignificant things.

You’re more than stuff,

You’re a human being.

The media is noise, something hard to ignore,

But truth will always be golden.

You’ve got a God-given talent that can change the world,

unique to you, yourself, and you.

Perhaps you’re socially gifted, a flexible dancer,

a detailed mechanic, a number cruncher,

a knowledgable fact checker, a strategic gamer,

a convincing salesperson, a great photographer,

a musically inclined individual, an imaginative storyteller,

a strong weightlifter, or the most efficient homemaker.

Everybody’s got something and if you don’t,

you just haven’t found it yet.

Forget the “look,” but take good care of yourself.

If you have dry hair, put oil,

if you sweat often, change your shirts more often.

Be who you want to be, but be a good person too.

A smile helps in many ways,

It brightens up yourself and the room you’re in.

Bring out your best features,

Don’t fool yourself with what you don’t have.

There are too many things in the world to distract you.

Society will give you fast food, reality TV,

drugs, shopping malls, fast cars,

but these prevent you from changing the world.

Guard your heart, for whatever you do flows from it,

Know that only the mediocre choose to conceal with appearances.

It is hard being a girl,

to be constantly judged and attacked for what you look like,

but hold tight to your identity in Christ,

he knows you better than anyone.

Stick to your guns,

be humble, be strong,

Your value is immeasurable in the eyes of Him.


Be in the Present

The arrows that pierce

through your heart

reek the blessings that promise

enormous joy and peace

How distracting is the past and future

tricking us into casting

our hope right before

good things flourish

Struggle is real

pain is evident but time

does not catch its breath because

of your cries

Hand of time flows continuously

we must catch the favors

when they come at us

for the givers are never

left unrewarded

Lose Your Life and Find It

I dreamed of being buried underground. I was aware of my fate, confident in what had to be done. Everyone tried to talk me out of it. My teachers, my family, influential adults in my life. I told them I knew what needed to be done. “You’re going to die, don’t you know?” they all asked. I nodded because I knew. I walked to a woman who injected a heart slowing serum in my arm and I could feel my heart slowing. “This is it,” she led me to my grave, “this spot’s just for you.” Before being buried under to meet my fate, my love said he’d stay with me every step of the way. He was different from everyone else. He knew that I would be safe too. The dirt fell above me and he’d speak to me like he always had. I knew I would be alright, that I wasn’t going to die.

Don’t Tell Me What to Do

Yeah, I get it.  We all get angry at the world.

Want to throw bombs to express it,

yell and scream to make it known.

There’s a lot that goes on that’s just not fair.

I’m not saying what you feel isn’t real because it probably is.

Pain seeping through you,

head dizzy with explosives.

I’m just saying that doing nothing productive doesn’t help you fix it.

I know you want me to feel sorry for you,

and I probably do,

but if you’re doing nothing about it,

taking your anger out on others,

can you blame others for turning against you?

Fill your time with some activity,

give yourself something to hope for.

Hang out with friends, bake a cake, write a letter, see a sunset,

turn up the music, do cross fit, join a club, clean your house.

Whatever it is, just do something good.

Fight the good fight because this is the life you’re given.

I’m not saying you can save yourself,

only Jesus can save you fully.

You turn to him when your life is in shambles.

I’m just saying it can’t hurt to create your own happiness,

even if it’s small.

Don’t expect people to know what to say,

that’s a rare trait to find.

Honestly, hardly anyone’s going to know exactly what to tell you.

Who really knows about your situation,

every event, every moment that led you to this low place you’re at now?

People claim to know you all the time,

but don’t trust it.

You yourself do what you can.

Do your best, do what’s right.

You’ve got your own free will to make some difference.

And the stuff that you can’t change,

no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try?

You bring it to Him.

He’s the only one who will fully get you,

he’s the only one that can make the impossible happen.

So you might as well try to do something good,

Can’t hurt to put your faith in cards that always win.