All These Pretty Things

Fruity pebbles, flowers, bohemian dresses, calligraphy,

I still don’t know what this means.

How did we get this far, to make Jesus a product?

Rather than educating people,

We throw out bible verses

as if that’s the only thing useful.

Seems as if Christians look the same on social media,

Acting the same, dressing the same, content is the same.

Daily dose of inspiration, cool bible verses, pastel colors, cute outfits,

Am I the only one that thinks we lost the real meaning?

Jesus isn’t that simple,

It’s a relationship that we should seek.

It’s a relationship full of everything on the spectrum.

Happiness, anger, sorrow, shame,

He sees us for all that we are.

The word saves, but tell me what the word means.

Don’t hide behind pretty things,

Tell me something real.


The Party

Strings of a guitar,

The melody of a piano,

Angelic voices sing in chorus,

A familiar song stirs my soul.


The children play,

The teenagers giggle,

It’s a beautiful night,

Soaking up the smell of honey scented candles.


The adults murmur,

Happy to be with company,

Here in a safe place,

With those they call family.


The gingerbread man smiles,

While baby Patsy eats his foot,

Now he is incomplete,

And she delights in the taste of cookies.


Invited were many,

Yet some declined,

Others made excuses,

And few have come.


All were welcome,

In this house of love,

With more than enough to eat,

And riches to spare.

When I Was Blind

Where is he? Where is he?

Where is my God?

I have come far and wide,

But I still do not see.

Bible says this, the word says that,

Why should I believe?

I have never seen him.

No, I have not asked him for help.

No, that occasion was a mere coincidence.

No, things must be tangible to be real!

If he is real, then I have been living a lie.

And I can’t lose.

Holy Spirit

Holy spirit overflow in me,

Let me speak in tongues to show how filled I am.

Like wine filled passed the brim,

Let it spill all over the contents surrounding it.

Holy spirit you are good.

So sweet to those who welcomes your presence,

so mysterious to those who do not have it.

You are a fire,

the eternal flame that cannot be extinguished.

Holy spirit, you are God,

Without you, there is no guidance.

I ask you to quench my thirst,

I will shout, beg, praise, and plead!

I will surrender to you,

Manifest in me.


You bring me out of my shell,

my small, cozy shell,

with soft pillows and blankets that smell like Downy.

Do you know how comfortable that shell is?

Colored with dreams and thoughts,

scattered with the round, orange-yellow,

against the mix of midnight navy.

I have the moon right at my fingertips,

but you somehow found a way in.

It was a small way in,

and I found myself peeking outside,

in the glorious light of the real world.

This chaotic, upside-down world,

where everyone takes their heart everywhere,

instead of keeping it in a small place,

to give it to the world,

because God knows that’s what we were made to do.