When glass falls, it is like a slip in time, suddenly, but surely, it will crash. What beauty comes from the fragile, a luminescent piece suspended in its place. A careless tip from any direction, why even bother with crystal? Perhaps it would be more practical for plastic. Cheap, decent, and easy care. No need for worrying about protection. Not a loss when it is gone. Yet how captivating it is that I begin to wonder? One glass vase brings out the ethereal feel of flowers given during times of regret. It accentuates the hues without losing the delicacy of itself. Already beautiful, making what’s in it more dazzling than before.


Finding Love

How do I love in this world? How can I manage to love unconditionally in a place that is not heaven? I suppose the only way I can answer that is that it was never about me. There is nothing I can do to prove my worthiness to God. I became Christian because I no longer wanted to live for myself. I was tired of fighting of nothing. There was something greater than me that had to be worth it and he found me. He was the love that knew how to love me fully. You love unconditionally because he loves you that way. You are the shining example of love that reflects others back to him. It was never about ourselves; it was all about him. Love is forever, the only thing that stands the test of time. Have faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love.


Stop putting so much emphasis on looks,

it isn’t all that.

What’s going on in your head?

I bet you know something.

Look past the designer shades, plastered makeup face,

salon manicured nails, towering heels,

logo inscribed handbag, extra polished clothing.

Appearance isn’t a skill.

If you insist on the importance of appearance,

perhaps your heart is in design?

Everyone’s good for something,

don’t let them convince you otherwise.

There are lots of wonderful things to do,

don’t waste your time on insignificant things.

You’re more than stuff,

You’re a human being.

The media is noise, something hard to ignore,

But truth will always be golden.

You’ve got a God-given talent that can change the world,

unique to you, yourself, and you.

Perhaps you’re socially gifted, a flexible dancer,

a detailed mechanic, a number cruncher,

a knowledgable fact checker, a strategic gamer,

a convincing salesperson, a great photographer,

a musically inclined individual, an imaginative storyteller,

a strong weightlifter, or the most efficient homemaker.

Everybody’s got something and if you don’t,

you just haven’t found it yet.

Forget the “look,” but take good care of yourself.

If you have dry hair, put oil,

if you sweat often, change your shirts more often.

Be who you want to be, but be a good person too.

A smile helps in many ways,

It brightens up yourself and the room you’re in.

Bring out your best features,

Don’t fool yourself with what you don’t have.

There are too many things in the world to distract you.

Society will give you fast food, reality TV,

drugs, shopping malls, fast cars,

but these prevent you from changing the world.

Guard your heart, for whatever you do flows from it,

Know that only the mediocre choose to conceal with appearances.

It is hard being a girl,

to be constantly judged and attacked for what you look like,

but hold tight to your identity in Christ,

he knows you better than anyone.

Stick to your guns,

be humble, be strong,

Your value is immeasurable in the eyes of Him.



I am not very bright,

I do not synthesize facts very well.

I know how to say things with emotion,

things that are poetic.

What use is that for you?

I am no leader, no entrepreneur,

I am not the first to volunteer,

I am not one with mass strength,

or great agility to defend myself against an attack.

But I am someone who can say things about you,

How you are a wonderful God.

One who I can honor with what I have.

I have a voice and a string of words to offer you,

and you say that’s more than enough for the king.

You love the expressions which causes other people to

smile, weep, rejoice, and change.

We are each enough for our savior,

used in ways greater than we imagine.

All it takes is faith in him.

Dissecting Poetry

Am I not free to give my thoughts, my own interpretations?

I am insulted that you ridicule my definition.

He gives us the choice of free will,

so how can we say that we did not have a choice?

Poetry is, poetry will be,

what we say it will be.

But it also cannot be.

Our words reflect our choices,

yet we are also free to reject or accept it.


Beneath the thunderstorms in the sky,

The smoke that pollutes my lungs,

The nonstop cars passing 40 MPH,

The neighbors cussing out their children,

There is somewhere different.

It is in the middle of nowhere,

With open roads and green grass,

Quirky people following their dreams,

The same dream you’ve had for ages,

Finally connecting to destiny.

The Party

Strings of a guitar,

The melody of a piano,

Angelic voices sing in chorus,

A familiar song stirs my soul.


The children play,

The teenagers giggle,

It’s a beautiful night,

Soaking up the smell of honey scented candles.


The adults murmur,

Happy to be with company,

Here in a safe place,

With those they call family.


The gingerbread man smiles,

While baby Patsy eats his foot,

Now he is incomplete,

And she delights in the taste of cookies.


Invited were many,

Yet some declined,

Others made excuses,

And few have come.


All were welcome,

In this house of love,

With more than enough to eat,

And riches to spare.